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      Searching for 
        Your Serenity?

You are trying hard not to lose your optimism...

But these are uncertain times - you feel anxious and insecure, like the pieces in the puzzle of life no longer fit together.


Whether you are weary from information overload or your sense of self today no longer matches who you used to be, you find yourself questioning everything, trusting nothing, and wondering what matters most in the larger scheme of things.

Deep down you know that society’s glittering superficial jewels are trappings, but finding true serenity can feel like being lost in a maze when you are in the messiness that is real life.


What would it be like to be seen and supported in the fullness of who you are? And to embody peaceful balance?

Hi, my name is
Rev. Shirley A. Nelson

Welcome to My Spiritual Space


I serve as a compassionate companion for you to sort through the ups and downs of life’s journey, offering a safe space to open the mind and heart, inspire personal growth, and call in clarity.

I bring over 30 years experience facilitating transformational workshops and sacred circles to my current practice as a certified interspiritual counselor with a focus on helping clients drop the struggle of seeking serenity and step into fulfilled living.

I’d love to hear from you, if you …

  • Want to connect more deeply to your spiritual essence

  • Want to connect more deeply with others

  • Are ready to be more authentically “you”

  • Want to live a more fulfilled life

  • Are committed to finding your way

...and realize you aren’t meant to do this alone.

Let’s have a conversation.  I'm here for you.


Blog & Breakthroughs

Private Sessions

You deserve to find your serenity.
I'm available to support your search and your success.

Whether it's spiritual companioning or navigating changes, I've got you.

Public Speaking
Groups & Circles

I am available to speak to your group, officiate services or help you create a custom ceremony.


Commemorate life's transitions and milestones in community.

No need to go at it alone!

Join our community for mutual care, support and inspiration.

Add your email to the list and get an invitation to the next gathering.

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