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 Shirley A. Nelson - Interspiritual Counselor

Introductory Session
30 min

Curious about what Interspiritual counseling is? Let's have a no-obligations conversation. Let me hold space for you and show you how I can help.

Single session
60 min

Sometimes, a single conversation gives you all of the clarity and direction you need.

*sliding scale; let's talk

five-session package
5 x 60 min

Make a commitment to your spiritual growth and receive a free session along with full access to my groups and special events.


What is a Saxifrage?

Saxifrages are amazing wildflowers. Their name is the Latin for "rock-crusher."
They are known for their resilience and ability to grow in the face of adversity.

No everyone is a Saxifrage. Not everyone can get trampled and keep on growing, breaking through pavement and rock, literally moving mountains to become more of themselves. But some of us are...


Are you a saxifrage? Get in touch with Shirley A. Nelson and find out.

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